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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Web Templates are Photoshop (PSD) files. Does that mean having Photoshop installed on my machine is a prerequisite?

Absolutely not! It is not necessary to have Photoshop installed on your machine because a PSD file can be opened in various other software such as Corel Photo, Paint, Macromedia Fireworks, JASC's Paint shop Pro etc.

Are your layouts / templates web-compatible ?

Yes, of course! All our web templates are specially designed to be web compatible. We provide PhotoShop source (PSD) files because of their flexibility. After customizing your design per your requirements, the PhotoShop file is transferred to Adobe Image. Through slicing and optimization, the file size can be reduced to 40-60 KB and it will be completely web compatible upon completion of this process.
Here are the simple instructions for accomplishing this:
Save the file in HTML format using the “save optimize” option.
Open the HTML page in Macromedia Dream Weaver or FrontPage and set-up your hyperlinks.
Your site is now ready to publish
I want to compress a 2 to 4 MB Photoshop file to about 40-60kb. Can I do that?
Yes you can; however, you must first transfer the PhotoShop file to Adobe Image Ready, where through slicing and optimization, the file size can be easily reduced to 40-60 KB.

What do you mean by 'optimization' ?

Controlling the file-size is crucial to web designing. You want to obtain the smallest the file-size possible without compromising quality, in order to ensure efficient access to your site. Through optimization, one can reduce the file-size as required. JPEG, GIF, PNG are the different options in which one can save the images which are smaller in size while maintaining the quality of images.

Can I modify the layout to meet my creative standards?

Yes, you can modify the layout in any way you like. The idea behind Layout Bank is to provide a launch pad for your thoughts and creativity. Our ready-to-use website templates offer you complete flexibility and the facility to add your own photos, logos, mirror designs, add or remove buttons, etc. You can also change the color scheme! Let your imagination run wild!

I have chosen a template. How can I replace the 'dummy' logo with my own logo?

Each Web template in the Layout Bank is a PSD file, containing layers which are systematically named. You can scan your logo or import your logo from any software like CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator and replace the dummy in the layer named 'logo'.

How can I locate the specific layer which holds the logo?

Simple. All the layers have been named according to their content. The layer - with the logo - is named as 'logo'.

I am a Web-design student. How can Layout Bank help me?

Layout Bank is an ideal tutor for students of web template designing. It offers you a unique opportunity to practice what you learn. You can use this CD to enhance your skill with PhotoShop while using different design and color combinations. Layout Bank is a reference-base of web templates, which can prove very handy for students like you.

Can I use your web templates to design a website for a client?

Absolutely! The whole purpose of the CD collection is to enable Designers to design pages for personal & professional use. The only limitation is that you cannot resell the templates as templates and you cannot resell them as a collection.

Is it possible to view all the templates before I begin?

A Layout Bank is equipped with user-friendly navigation software, which makes it easier for the user to navigate from layout to layout including an opportunity to sample the color option. The user-friendly 'scroll' helps you navigate the layouts, one by one, while the 'quick scroll' allows you to 'jump' from one series of layouts to another.

Is there any way to relocate a particular template which I liked?

Tracing the templates is very easy. The source path is clearly displayed on each panel. You can access the layout through the panel.

What is the range of your layouts - can I use them for say a product, service, business or industry?

Definitely! Layout Bank brings you a wide variety of designs. Each layout contains general photos which can be easily replaced by industry-specific photographs. This makes the layouts truly versatile and they can be used for any individual or business from any field or industry.




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